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South Bank

Model along London’s Southbank, showing bridges crossing the River Thames and multiple buildings along the Southbank including Tate Modern, made mostly from balsa wood with plastic and metal detailing. Encased in clear non-detachable acrylic casing box on top of a metal and wooden base.

Juma Al Majid

Proposed model for Juma al Majid showing 4 main sections and a carpark. 2 x sections with trees, 1 x with a central courtyard and 1 x with a multiple domed roof. Encased in clear acrylic casing box, which is screwed into a wooden base that the model sits on top inside the casing.

Edinburgh Masterplan

Model consists of road layout and key buildings featured within the masterplan area, focusing on Festival Square. Detachable casing included.

National Aquarium London

A model of London’s National Aquarium which includes inside building detailing. Model also includes the landscape context around proposed aquarium design with roads and buildings leading to the Aquarium. Encased in clear acrylic casing box.

Beijing Station

Model of external facade of Beijing South Station, Beijing China, showing some of the surrounding connecting roads and landscape features made from thin plastic, encased in a detachable clear acrylic box casing.

Comyn Ching Traingle

Details of a cutaway of three courtyard doors for the Comyn Ching Triangle, with model people for scale, made from plastic and cardboard. Encased in clear acrylic casing that is screwed into model’s backing piece.

Blackpool Tower

Model of Blackpool Tower made from cardboard and foam with focus on external structure. Encased in a non-detachable clear acrylic box casing.

Kowloon Station

A large model of the external facade of Kowloon station which is disassembled. Two of the four parts contain numerous small pieces.

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