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Euston Road Marylebone

Large model of a vision for Euston Road - Marylebone, showing buildings, roads, water, park land and surrounding areas. Encased in a large clear acrylic casing box. Three parts slot together to form one long model. Top of casing has a colour coding key and text explaining each section of the model.
The original model consists of three parts and this model is one of the part of it. The structures are depicted with acrylic in different colours like grey, blue, white, red, yellow, orange and pink.

Charing Cross

Model made from wood of Charing Cross Station in London, showing surrounding streets, buildings, roads and bridges. Encased in clear acrylic casing box, which is screwed into the wooden base.

South Bank

Model along London’s Southbank, showing bridges crossing the River Thames and multiple buildings along the Southbank including Tate Modern, made mostly from balsa wood with plastic and metal detailing. Encased in clear non-detachable acrylic casing box on top of a metal and wooden base.

Juma Al Majid

Proposed model for Juma al Majid showing 4 main sections and a carpark. 2 x sections with trees, 1 x with a central courtyard and 1 x with a multiple domed roof. Encased in clear acrylic casing box, which is screwed into a wooden base that the model sits on top inside the casing.

Nine Elms

Wood model of Nine Elms in 2 sections. Models show surrounding buildings, roads and water. Model detailing sits on a balsa wood/wooden base, with clear Perspex under the corners and 4 x wooden feet. No casing.

Vauxhall Cross

Model made from balsa wood with clear plastic detailing of the MI6 building on Vauxhall Cross. Also shows surrounding structures, roads and bridge made from wood. Model sits on top of a wooden base with 4 x black plastic feet. Encased in detachable clear acrylic box casing.

Vauxhall Cross

Model showing 5 sections of the of the MI6 building made from foamboard, on top of balsa wood. Encased in clear acrylic box casing, screwed into the wooden block. Wooden base.
The model is based on a wooden platform showing developmental phases of MI6 in 5 progressive models. Starting from left 1st model is showing the outer part of the building including base of pillars, pillars and part of building structure use to create a glass architecture on top of it. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th model showing internal developmental phases of the building. The 5th model showing complete structure of the MI6.

International Centre for Life

Model of the ‘skeleton’ of the visitor attraction entrance of the Centre for Life, Newcastle. Model sits on a wooden base. Encased in clear acrylic casing box, which is screwed into the wooden base.

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