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Alban Gate

Cut through section model showing the ‘skeleton’ structure including air rights mechanisms. Also shows the design at the top of the domed roof with thin clear plastic. Also shows the structure underneath with wooden dowling underneath the tower. Mounted to be hung for display purposes.

Aquarium Malaysia

Model for an aquarium in Malaysia displaying external facade and shaping, landscaping, walkways and surrounding context. Encased in clear acrylic box.

Bank One Cardiff

Model consists of multiple building structures and immediate river and bridge landscape context, mostly comprising white plastic. The model is encased in a clear, acrylic box.

Beijing Station

Model of external facade of Beijing South Station, Beijing China, showing some of the surrounding connecting roads and landscape features made from thin plastic, encased in a detachable clear acrylic box casing.


1 wooden landscape context model demonstrating building shape, relationships and road layouts. Encased in clear acrylic box.

Blackpool Tower

Model of Blackpool Tower made from cardboard and foam with focus on external structure. Encased in a non-detachable clear acrylic box casing.

Charing Cross

Model made from wood of Charing Cross Station in London, showing surrounding streets, buildings, roads and bridges. Encased in clear acrylic casing box, which is screwed into the wooden base.

Charlotte Square

The wooden based structure showing central blocks with wings looks like a structure of a palace with classical Georgian exterior. Its frontage having row houses in British blocks sharing common walls. The model with sections including central garden, North pavilions, West pavilions and South pavilions. The houses are integrated into blocks, each appearing to be an urban palace. The model is encased with clear acrylic casing, fixed with screw.


Casing and model parts (in box) are separate, but model slots onto piece of tubing inside the casing. Model consists of large building structure with internal supports and detailing.
The structure of the model is covered in a half-sphere geodesic dome, showing a rigid triangular elements of the dome distributed stress throughout the structure. It has glass panels which showing the interior of the floor space of the model including swimming facilities, hotels and shopping arcades.

Comyn Ching Traingle

Details of a cutaway of three courtyard doors for the Comyn Ching Triangle, with model people for scale, made from plastic and cardboard. Encased in clear acrylic casing that is screwed into model’s backing piece.

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