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Presentations delivered by Sir Liam on his Special Reports, Campaigns and other Areas of Work

Consists of 56 powerpoint presentations, including notes, used by Sir Liam during speeches and presentations given during his time as Chief Medical Officer regarding his Special Reports, campaigns and other areas of work. Topics include organ and tissue retention , Annual Reports, Expert Medical Witnesses in Family Law Cases, outbreaks of foot and mouth disease (Aphtae epizooticae), the MMR vaccine, pandemic influenza outbreaks (including the H1N1 'Swine Flu'), and stem cell research.

Evaluation Report on Media Coverage of Cosmetic Surgery and Influenza Pandemic for January to March 2005

Consists of copies of slides analysing all media coverage given to the announcement by Sir Liam of new cosmetic surgery regulations and a possible flu pandemic from January to March 2005.

Includes a commentary by way of executive summary, tables and graphs on the overall and issue specific coverage, a break-down of media formats by coverage, top sources, spokespeople and authors, potential demographics reached by social class, age and sex, and the positive and negative media interpretation given in the coverage.

Explaining Pandemic Flu: A Guide from the Chief Medical Officer

This report, in response to expert opinion regarding the likelihood of another influenza pandemic, was intended as a guide for health professionals and the public to improve understanding and readiness. It explains the importance of preparation for such a pandemic, the nature of the threat and it's likely impact on the UK and the steps being taken to mitigate such a pandemic.

On the State of the Public Health: Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer 2005

Health issues covered in this report include;

Progress on previous years' recommendations;

The need to reduce variation in the provision of specific health services to deliver effective treatment equitably;

Parallels between aviation safety and patient safety;

Early recognition of warning signs to prevent kernicterus;

Protecting public health budgets to sustain the health service;

And preparing for the next flu pandemic.

Also included is a regional focus on some local problems, trends and initiatives across England.

Audio recording of Sir Liam's appearance on BBC Radio 4 programme Start the Week

Conisists of 30 minute panel discussion programme presented by Andrew Marr, featuring Sir Liam, novelist William Boyd, broadcaster John Micklethwait, and journalist Polly Toynbee. Each offers predictions for the coming years; Sir Liam's being the inevitably of another influenza pandemic. Discusses historical trends, the need for good planning to mitigate harm, public and political reactions to pandemics, and what the UK is doing to prepare.

Other health issues discussed include stem cell research, Sir Liam's perception of the strengths and weaknesses of the NHS and reforms during his time as Chief Medical Officer, and the 'Nanny State' in relation to healthy lifestyles.