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VHS tape: Common's Luck.

VHS tape: Common's Luck. Videotape of programme originally broadcast by B.B.C. North East in 1974, and repeated with a new introduction on 6th January 1984. Recorded with permission.

Various short typescripts and manuscripts

a) Waterloo Bridge; (b) In Natopia and Natopia notes (2 booklets) and other notes; c) A Green Man Gone or Noon is No Time; d) Gone the quarter; e) The Inevitability of Christian Materialism; f) The ‘Confessio Fedei' of Dean Inge; g) Inspecting Spectes h) Peace in Wartime; i) Take…: The finding of …; Personal luggage; in the back manuscript: Rumbling in a Cuncil…; k) Taro (Eyes); (l) People's Theatre; m) Introductory: What constitutes a Proletariat; n) On Pesce Privios; o) Marriae as heaven; p) The man who couldn't lose; q) The problem of style – J. Middleton Murray, plus notes on J.M.M.; r) Reflection in the pool; profile: Buck Hammond, Bill Hammond, The food office bride; s) Three typescript with no name (one 10 pages, the second 9 pages, the third synopsis of 8 pages); t) Manuscript, no name, 5 sheets; u) Two sparsitems; v) Notes: 19 pages on various topics; w) Typescript: Four by Rayner Heppenstal

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