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Floorplan and Slides for development of office and warehouse space for Editions Van De Velde.

Van De Velde were a family run music publishing business for Tour France. They bought land in 1969 and it was developed in 1973/4 under the Farrell-Grimshaw partnership. The item consists of 2 floorplans for the offices and warehouse space. Then it consists of 3 photographs of the final building. 2 of the exterior and one of the interior. Item consists of 5 slides in 2 wallets.


Image Slide File, S-W, Pre-1994

A collection of 35mm project slides divided alphabetically by project. File includes:
A large collection of miscellaneous slides with individual details listed on slide frame.
Terry Farrell's student work, including 'Chairs and Tables' study, Climatron, Rhuberoid Housing competition (USA); 3 Squares (USA)
Urban Design Lecture, Royal Fine Art Commission
Warrington New Town, site
Wellbury House, photographs
Westminster Rehab, study
Wood Green, site and existing photographs and drawings
Winwick Quays, drawings


East Bank Slide File

The item consists of 86 photographs from various angles depicting various aspects of the site. The photographs focus on one main block of flats from various with accompanying photographs focusing on the garage and wider street. The photos are mostly taken after construction on the flats however a few images show scaffolding as the project is midway. One slide shows a diagram of a garage the width of a single car but that can fit two cars in it. One car goes above the other on a ramp. The diagram illustrates this and a later image shows this contraption in reality. The file consists of 87 35mm slides in 23 wallets.


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