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Item Donation of organs, tissues, etc.
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Presentations delivered by Sir Liam on his Special Reports, Campaigns and other Areas of Work

Consists of 56 powerpoint presentations, including notes, used by Sir Liam during speeches and presentations given during his time as Chief Medical Officer regarding his Special Reports, campaigns and other areas of work. Topics include organ and tissue retention , Annual Reports, Expert Medical Witnesses in Family Law Cases, outbreaks of foot and mouth disease (Aphtae epizooticae), the MMR vaccine, pandemic influenza outbreaks (including the H1N1 'Swine Flu'), and stem cell research.

On the State of the Public Health: Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer 2006

Health issues covered in this report include;

Progress on previous years' recommendations;

The role of hand hygiene in controlling healthcare-associated infection;

Maximising opportunities for organ transplants;

Understanding and addrssing the risk in radiotherapy;

The need for renewed action on the high number of intrapartum-related deaths;

And fulfilling the potential of women in medicine.

Also included is a regional focus on some local problems, trends and initiatives across England.

Video Podcast of On the State of the Public Health: Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer 2006

Podcasts produced in conjunction with the publication of Sir Liam's 2006 Annual Report. Consists of 6 episodes covering chapters within the annual report.

Episode 1: On the State of the Public Health (introduction) 02:45

Episode 2: Healthcare Associated Infection; Strengthening the Public Hand 02:12

Episode 3: Organ Transplants - The Waiting Game 02:21

Episode 4: Radiotherapy; Hidden Dangers 02:14

Episode 5: Intrapartum related deaths; 500 missed opportunities 02:14

Episode 6: Women in Medicine; Opportunity Blocks 02:09

Video Compilation of Sir Liam's Media Appearances relating to his proposals for anOpt OutOrgan Donation Scheme

Features compilation of television and radio news items responding to Sir Liam's Annual Report 2006, in which he calls for the introduction of a proposed consent or opt out system to maximise the potential benefits of organ donation. Sir Liam appears on many of these news items explaining the proposed new system, why it is needed, the safeguards involved and responding to criticisms.

Total running time 48:47.

Audio recording of Sir Liam's Appearance on BBC Radio 2 programme The Jeremy Vine Show

Consists of 30 minute excerpt from discussion programme covering Sir Liam's call in his Annual Report 2006 for an opt out system to maximise the potential for organ donation. Features comment from Sir Liam on why it is needed and case studies from other countries, Conservative Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Langsley and members of the public both backing and opposing the proposals.

Letter to Sir Liam from Prime Minister Gordon Brown on his retirement from the role of Chief Medical Officer

The Prime Minister expresses his sadness at Sir Liam's decision to step down as Chief Medical Officer and pays tribute to his work on NHS Reform, quality of care, patient safety, personalised services, the smoking ban and organ donation. He also thanks him for remaining in post to help respond to the H1N1 Influenza Swine Flu epidemic.