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Video Podcast of On the State of the Public Health: Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer 2008

Podcasts produced in conjunction with the publication of Sir Liam's 2008 Annual Report. Consists of 6 episodes covering chapters within the annual report.

Episode 1: On the State of the Public Health (introduction) 03:03

Passive drinking; The collateral damage from alcohol 04:14

Episode 3: Prostate Cancer; What to do with the Pussycats 03:20

Episode 4: Pain; Breaking through the Barrier 02:30

Episode 5: Antimicrobial Resistance; Up against the ropes 02:57

Episode 6: Safer Medical Practice; Machines, Manikins and Polo mints 01:57

On the State of the Public Health: Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer 2008

This annual report celebrates 150 years of the Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer for England by looking at the historical context of the first annual report in 1858, a comparative analysis between the health of the nation in 1858 and 2008 and the continued relevance of some of the issues discussed, such as epidemics, vaccination and competency of healthcare professionals.

Health issues covered in this report include;

Progress on previous years' recommendations;

The effects of passive drinking on families and society and the need for minimum pricing on alcohol units as an immediate priority;

The need for greater research and counselling in regards to prostate cancer;

Greater action on chronic pain through assessment and inclusion on training curriculums;

Minimising antimicrobial resistance through awareness campaigns and other initiatives;

And making medical practice safer by introducing simulation-based training.

Also included is a regional focus on some local problems, trends and initiatives across England.

Presentations delivered by Sir Liam on Health Protection against Infectious and Non-Infectious Diseases and the Medical Profession

Consists of 66 powerpoint presentations, including notes, used by Sir Liam during speeches and presentations given during his time as Chief Medical Officer regarding both general and specific types of Infectious and Non-Infectious Diseases and topics regarding the Medical Profession; specifically Medical education, training and workforce, roles in the medical profession and poor clinical performance, revalidation and regulation.

Also includes presentations given by others which support Sir Liam's campaigns.