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Family photographs

Photographs of the Trevelyan family, including Robert Calverley Trevelyan, Charles Philips Trevelyan, Pauline Trevelyan. Also includes a miniature painted portrait of Robert Needham Philips with lock of hair, and a photograph of Ld. Frederick Cavendish after his assassination, May 1882.
A portrait photgraph of Ishbel Aberdeen with a Christmas message, aerial photographs of Wallington and a small painting of Shute Shelf near Sidcot.
Also includes postcards of Rothley Temple, 'the destruction of memorial theatre Stratford' and Oriel College Oxford.

Scrapbook of autographs. Photographs and autographs

Scrapbook compiled by Mr Thomson Hankey featuring correspondence, cuttings and photographs of prominent figures. Also loose signatures and cuttings mounted on modern paper,with annotations.
Includes material attributed and related to Thomson Hankey, Lord Lyons, [?] London, Macaulay, Robert Stephenson, [C Paget?], Derby, J Mareel, [J Romilly?], Mrs Mareit, Thomas Tooke, Frank Buckland, W M Thackeray, Fenwick Williams, Palmerston, G Hayter, John Russell, William Gladstone, George Lewis, Charles Wood (Lord Halifax), George Grey, Duke of Newcastle, Clarendon, [?] Herbert, Ripon, Cranworth, Westbury, Campbell, Granville, Somerset, Stanley of Alderley, Thomas Milner Gibson, C P Villiers, Canning, Moncrieff, Layard, Richard, Earl Lyons, Brand, Robert Peel, Lansdowne, Monteagle, Disraeli, G C Lewis, W Cowper, Richard Owen, Stafford Northcote, C E Trevelyan, George, Grey, John Bright, Joshua Bates, Thomas Barring, John Crichton-Stuart, John St Aubyn, W H Gregory, [Monson?], Bathurst, R Osborne, Charles Stafford, James Whiteside, Arthur Russell, Thomas O'Hagan, George Lefevre, Enfield, H C E Childers, W J Alexander, Herschel, Thomas Graham, A Lincoln, [G M Dallas], Austen Henry Layard, G O Trevelyan, W E Baxter, Robert Lowe, Sherbrooke, Francis Jeune, A W Kinglake, Colonel Alexander, Jules Gérard, Michel Chevalier, Denis le Marchant, George Peabody, William Cotton, William Gregory, Count de Strzelecki, Caroline Trevelyan, Elizabeth Eastlake, Robert Browning, Lowell, Edward Cardwell, William Massey, J Brooke, Andrew Agnew, Bernal Osborne, Charles C Clifford, Sir Andrew Buchanen, W P Wood (Lord Hatherley), W E Forster, E Knatchbull Hugessen, W P Adam, G Glyn, G C Gale, C Wequelin/Weguelin, C H Goschen, Henry H Gibbs, M W Coles, Henry Elliott