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Woman with arms around man

Consists of a watercolour sketch of a woman with her arms around a man. Caption reads: Daughter - "Oh! Pa - what did young Mr. Snooks want?" Father - "Secret, dear - wished to see me privately." Daughter - "Oh! Do tell, Pa - he was so very attentive to me before you came in and told me to leave the room." Father - "Oh! He wanted to borrown eighteen pence to pay his train home!"

Man talking to doctor

Consists of a watercolour sketch of a man talking to a doctor. Caption reads: Doctor - "Er - do you ever take a bath?" Patient - "Noa - but I believe my wife's had 'em!"

Woman hiding while boy talks to vicar

Consists of a watercolour sketch of a woman trying to hide and a boy talking to the vicar. Caption reads: Washing day (Mrs Brown does not wish to appear but her feet are seen in the distance). Vicar - "Well my little man - how is mother?" Boy - "She told me to say she'd gone for a walk." Vicar - "Oh! Giver her my compliments, and tell her the next time she goes for a walk not to leave her feet at home! Good bye."

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