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Joseph Crawhall Archives
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Joseph Crawhall Archives

  • JCII
  • Archive Collection
  • 1669 - 2007

Consists of: Professional and personal letters, both to and from Joseph Crawhall II. Pencil, ink and watercolour sketches created by Joseph Crawhall II, some including annotations. Various printed ephemera from a variety of authors. Various leaflets, notifications, invitations, cards and reciepts relating to Joseph Crawhall II. A collection of woodblock pulls from a selection of original woodblocks created by Joseph Crawhall II. Letters and sketches relating to George Edward Crawhall, brother of Joseph Crawhall II. A genealogical scrapbook relating to the Crawhall family.

Crawhall, Joseph, 1821-1896, wood-engraver and promoter of the arts

Mother reading to daughter

Consists of a watercolour sketch of a mother reading and talking to her daughter. Caption reads: Mother - Dolly my dear. I do wish you'd play something else than Wagner - I'm sick of it." Dolly - "I'm not playing, Ma." Mother - "Who is it then, Darling?" Dolly - Nurse and baby at the piano!"

Beaten woman testifying to magistrate

Consists of a watercolour sketch of a beaten woman testifying in front of a magistrate. Caption reads: Wife (witness to magistrate) - "Oh Sir! I loves my poor 'usband yet, though he strike me wi' the poker. - Ah! Wen I looks back - in our younger days - he only used his fists Eh! Them was 'appy days!"

Man in flower shop

Consists of a watercolour sketch of a man in a flower shop. Caption reads: Buyer - "I want a choice rose to present to a lady." Shopman - "Yes Sir - eighteen pence." Buyer - "Eighteen pence! Absurd! Will it keep?" Shopman - "Oh yes sir." Buyer - "Then keep it." (Exit sharp)

Man pickpocketed in crowd

Consists of a watercolour sketch of a man being pickpocketed in a crowd. Caption reads: Pickpocket (tugging at watch). Robbed - "German Silver!" Pickpocket - "Oh! Thanks. Beg pardon!"

Wooden-legged man teased by children

Consists of a watercolour sketch of a wooden-legged man being teased by children. Caption reads: Arab - to wooden legged man - "Hi! You shouldn’t be out on a day like this Sir - ye'll get cold - get yer feet wet!" (OFF)

Two men talking

Consists of a watercolour sketch of two men talking. Caption reads: "Serious thing about old Solomons Screw!" "Eh? Matter?" "Oh! Some one dropped half a sovreign coming out o' the synagogue, an' he was killed in the crush."

Lecturer speaking to group

Consists of a watercolour sketch of lecturer speaking to group. Caption reads: Professor - "Er - the subject for discussion this evening will be - 'why does a red cow give white milk?'!"

Woman with arms around man

Consists of a watercolour sketch of a woman with her arms around a man. Caption reads: Daughter - "Oh! Pa - what did young Mr. Snooks want?" Father - "Secret, dear - wished to see me privately." Daughter - "Oh! Do tell, Pa - he was so very attentive to me before you came in and told me to leave the room." Father - "Oh! He wanted to borrown eighteen pence to pay his train home!"

Man talking to doctor

Consists of a watercolour sketch of a man talking to a doctor. Caption reads: Doctor - "Er - do you ever take a bath?" Patient - "Noa - but I believe my wife's had 'em!"

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