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Joseph Crawhall Archives
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Genealogical Scrapbook

Consists of a scrapbook which contains an assortment of material relating to a variety of members of the Crawhall family. The material is largely personal items, including invitations, certificates and letters which dates range from the beginning to the end of the 19th century. Thomas and Ann Crawhall, grandparents of Joseph Crawhall II, feature prominently in the scrapbook. Highlights include Thomas' honourary diploma from the Royal Jennerian Society, his last will and testament, and pencil sketches of both Thomas and Ann.

Album Amicorum

Consists of an 'Album Amicorum' or friendship book constructed by Joseph Crawhall II. The book contains newpaper clippings relating to Joseph Crahwall II and his work, poems, letters, photographs of himself and his family and various art work, including a a watercolour of his sister Margaret.

Clergyman consoling a widow

Consists of a watercolour sketch of a clergyman consoling a widow. Caption reads: Clergyman - "My Dear Mrs Smith - I wish most sincerely to console with you on the loss of your husband- he was…" Mrs S. - "Ah: but there's one thing - I know where he spends his evenings now!"

Man arriving at hotel

Consists of a watercolour sketch of a man arriving at a hotel. Caption reads: 'Arrivals' - Scene (fashionable hotel)..Waiter - "What can I get you Sir?" Seedy stranger - "Oh! Nothing - I just wish to arrive."

School teacher surrounded by children

Consists of a watercolour sketch of a school teacher surrounded by children. Caption reads: Sunday School teacher - "What is that invisible power that prevents the wicked man from sleeping, and causes him to toss uneasily upon his pillow?" Small boy (at front of class) - "Fleas!"

Mother reading to daughter

Consists of a watercolour sketch of a mother reading and talking to her daughter. Caption reads: Mother - Dolly my dear. I do wish you'd play something else than Wagner - I'm sick of it." Dolly - "I'm not playing, Ma." Mother - "Who is it then, Darling?" Dolly - Nurse and baby at the piano!"

Beaten woman testifying to magistrate

Consists of a watercolour sketch of a beaten woman testifying in front of a magistrate. Caption reads: Wife (witness to magistrate) - "Oh Sir! I loves my poor 'usband yet, though he strike me wi' the poker. - Ah! Wen I looks back - in our younger days - he only used his fists Eh! Them was 'appy days!"

Man in flower shop

Consists of a watercolour sketch of a man in a flower shop. Caption reads: Buyer - "I want a choice rose to present to a lady." Shopman - "Yes Sir - eighteen pence." Buyer - "Eighteen pence! Absurd! Will it keep?" Shopman - "Oh yes sir." Buyer - "Then keep it." (Exit sharp)

Man pickpocketed in crowd

Consists of a watercolour sketch of a man being pickpocketed in a crowd. Caption reads: Pickpocket (tugging at watch). Robbed - "German Silver!" Pickpocket - "Oh! Thanks. Beg pardon!"

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