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Reference File: Reports Published by External Organisations

A collection of reports published by external organisations. This collection is assumed to have been accumulated by Lady Plowden to inform her work with the IBA - the collection was found with Lady Plowden's IBA files and deal with related issues.

Living Today, 1972, BBC Local Radio Education

Patterns of Discrimination Against Women in the Film and Television Industries, 1975, Association of Cinematography and Television Technician

Trends in Public Attitudes Toward Television and Other Mass Media, 1975, The Roper Organization

Text of the speech 'Keep the media free, 18 December 1975, Council Dinner of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising

Schools in England and Wales, Current Issues, 1976, Department of Education and Science / Welsh Education Office

Association of Broadcasting Staff Newsletter, 1977, Association of Broadcasting Staff

Report of the Committee on the Future of Broadcasting, March 1977, HM Government, Secretary of State for the Home Department

Views on Some Aspects of the Annan Report on Broadcasting "A Fourth Channel"?, April 1977, Ulster Television Ltd

Summry of the paper 'Television Violence and the Adolescent Boy', 6 September 1977, William Belson, North East London Plytechnic

Report of the Seminar 'Television and the Classroom', 1978, Library of Congress

Higher Education into the 1990s: A Discussion Document, February 1978, Department of Education and Science / Scottish Education Department

Publication of the Lecture 'On Disliking the Media', Sir Michael Swan, Chairman of the BBC, University of Salford, 7 November 1978., 7 November 1978, BBC

A Cause for Concern: Media Coverage of Industrial Disputes January and February 1979, 1979, TUC

Journal of Educational Television, Vol 5, Issue 2, Summer 1979., 1979, Educational Television Association

Conference Paper 'The Education of Adults at a Distance', Open University Conference, Paper undated, but this Conference was held in 1979, Open University

Government and Opposition Vol 14 No 2, 1979, Government and Opposition / London School of Economics and Political Science

Public perceptions of television and other mass media: a twenty year review 1959 - 1978, 1979, Roper Organisation

Home Office News Release: Independent Broadcasting Authority - Membership, 13 July 1979, HM Government, Home Office

Questions Answered in the House of Commons, 25 July 1979, 25 July 1979, Library of the House of Commons

Broadcast, 10 September 1979., 10 September 1979., Broadcast

Broadcast, 17 November 1979., 17 November 1979, Broadcast

Journal of Educational Television and Other Media, Vol 6, Issue 2, Summer 1980, 1980, Educational Television Association

Women's Studies International Quarterly, Vol 3, Issue 1, 1980, 'Women and the Media', 1980, Women's Studies

Signposts - A Study of Youth Employment and the Relevance of the Broadcasting Services with Particular Reference to Northern Ireland. Queen's University Belfast, on behalf of the IBA Fellowship Scheme., 1980, Department of Educational Studies, Queen's University Belfast

Village Action Kit, related to the television programme 'Village Action' produced by Westward Television Ltd, 1st broadcast 13 October 1980., 1980, Westward Television Ltd

Draft Proposals for an Engineering Policy Unit, 29281, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Aston

Microprocessors and Their Impact, presented at the Women in Management Conference 1980, March 1980, Women in Management

Broadcast, Issue 1058, 19 May 1980, 19 May 1980, Broadcast

Social Action and the Media, published by the Media Project, November 1980, November 1980, The Volunteer Centre

Directory of Social Action Programmes, published by the Media Project, November 1980, November 1980, The Volunteer Centre

Promotional publication relating to the broadcast of the series 'Brideshead Revisited', assumed to be 1981, Granada Television

Direct Broadcasting by Satellite, Report of a Home Office Study', 1981., 1981, HM Governement, Home Office

Broadcast, Issue 1089, 5 January 1981, 5 January 1981, Broadcast

Southern and Television Today (5 February 1981), 5 February 1981, Southern Television

Note, although these publications relate specifically to Lady Plowden’s work with the IBA, Lady Plowden also held an extensive library of reports and publications which covered the range of her personal and professional interests. A complete list of reports and publications held by Lady Plowden can be viewed at: INSERT LINK

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