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Interview with Sir Liam from NHS Magazine , March 2001

Consists of interview with Sir Liam entitled A Question of Trust, in which he discusses the impact of the the retention of children's organs at Alder Hey Hospital without consent on public confidence and the challenges of administrative and legal changes.

Interview featured on pages 10 to 11.

Retained Organs Commission: A Consultation Document on Unclaimed and Unidentified Organs and Tissues and a Possible Regulatory Framework

Consultation seeking comments, views and reponses to questions relating to the proper and effective management and custodianship of human organs and tissue removed during post mortem examinations. Includes sections on respectful use and disposal of unclaimed and unidentified organs and tissues and a framework for the regulation of collections of human body parts.

Aimed at Health and Health Care Organisations and other related professional groups. Consultation closed 10 June 2002.

External Review of the Birmingham Children's Hospital NHS Trust: Report on Organ Retention

Consists of review, in response to Birmingham Children's Hospital NHS Trust's request for support in handling organ retention issues in October 2001, covering the Trust's handling of organ retention enquiries pre and post establishment of the Retained Organ's Commission and since the establishment of the External Review Team to quality assure enquiries.

Research to Evaluate Topline Public Opinion, Knowledge and Understanding of Retained Organs for Medical Practice and Teaching Research within England and Wales

Consists of independent research slides prepared for the Central Office of Information (COI) on behalf of the Retained Organs Commission. Includes qualitative and quantative findings on public awareness, attitudes and perceptions of the issues regarding organ retention.

Retained Organs Commission Annual Report and Summary of Financial Statements: April 2002 - March 2003

Second Annual Report of the Retained Organs Commission, established by the Secretary of State for Health on 1 April 2001 as part of the implementation of Sir Liam's 17 recommendations made in his special report The Removal, Retention and Use of Human Organs and Tissue from Post-Mortem Examination .

Includes achievements and challenges to date, background on the establishment of the commission, review of activities, resources and budgets, and remaining tasks.

Article by Sir Liam entitled For the Good of the Patient , in Rejuvenate or Retire: Views of the NHS at 60

Consists of reflection by Sir Liam on the shift in the balance of power from doctors to patients because of the serious incidents of rogue or underperforming doctors, such as Harold Shipman and Beverley Allitt, and systematic failures, such as the retention of children's organs at Alder Hey Hospital without consent, during his time as Chief Medical Officer. Discusses the work done to create a more patient focused NHS in terms of standards, policies and procedures promoting patient safety and empowerment, and the need for a patient centred NHS to be systematically developed in the future.

Rejuvenate or Retire: Views of the NHS at 60 was published by the Nuffield Trust and edited by Nicholas Timmins to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the National Health Service. Article featured on pages 136 to 137.

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