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Letter to Pybus from A.J.S. McMillan

Letter regarding papers Pybus previously sent (not included) and McMillan's response to these, discussing cigarette smoking, vehicle use and public understanding. He also refers to other studies that researching causes of cancer, including pesticides and asbestos.

Correspondence with the Birmingham Junior Chamber Commerce - Richard Amott and Dr Myddleton

Collecting information on Air Pollution and Cancer, intention to print a report and send to America. Pybus sends information for this and also discusses The House of Commons stance on air pollution. The Chamber of commerce has received articles from America regarding clean air and links with cancer, also how Pybus' material is being taken seriously, President Johnson pushing Clean Air legislation in congress - Benzpyrene in air must be reduced. Chamber's view that the government doesn't care and isn't doing anything.

Letters to Pybus from R.E. Waller (St. Bart's hospital) with draft responses.

Correspondence regarding dust samples sent by Pybus for analysis, benzyprene content of cigarettes, Walker reports that in town areas atmospheric pollution contains trace amounts of tarry compounds he goes on to explain this finding. Carcinogens in animals is discussed. Pybus' replies are drafted on to letters from various sources, including the midland bank. Pybus also requests figures on the effects of vegetable or wood smoke, Walker explains he can't help with this and refers him to other papers.

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