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Pybus (Professor Frederick) Archive Item
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"Receipt for Praxeos, seu, De cognoscendis, praedicendis, praecavendis, curandisque, affectibus homini incommodantibus. Tractatus tertius et ultimus, De vitiis libris duobus agens ... Felix Platter 1536-1614. 1602 -1608 [two library catalogue entries]."


"Receipt for item Chirurgie d'armée : ou traité des plaies d'armes a feu, et d'armes blanches, avec des observations fur ces maladies : les formules des remedes qui ont le mieux réuffi : des méthodes nouvelles pour leur traitement : des instruments pour tirer les corps étrangers : un moyen affuré pour la réduction des fractures & des luxations, & une infinité d'autres détails neufs & intéreffants Hugues. Ravaton 1768 [ (view in library catalogue)


Receipt for Anecdota Sydenhamiana : medical notes and observations ... hitherto unpublished. Thomas Sydenham 1624-1689. 1845 (view in library catalogue


Receipt for On the constitutional and local effects of disease of the supra-renal capsules Thomas Addison 1793-1860. 1855 (view in library catalogue)

An account of two successful operations for restoring a lost nose from the integuments of the forehead : in the cases of two officers of His Majesty's Army : to which are prefixed, historical and physiological remarks on the nasal operation : including descriptions of the Indian and Italian methods. J. C. Carpue (Joseph Constantine), 1764-1846. T. Glanvill former owner. 1816 (view in library catalogue)

Original cases with dissections and observations illustrating the use of the stethoscope and percussion in the diagnosis of diseases of the chest : also commentaries on the same subjects selected and translated from Auenbrugger, Corvisart, Laennec and others John Forbes Sir, 1787-1861. Leopold Auenbrugger 1722-1809.; Jean Nicolas Corvisart des Marets baron, 1755-1821; R. T. H Laennec (René Théophile Hyacinthe), 1781-1826. 1824 [ (view in library catalogue)

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