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A Commitment to Quality, A Quest for Excellence: Statement on Behalf of the Government, the Medical Profession and the NHS

This report, led by Sir Liam as a statement on behalf of the Government, the medical profession and the NHS, set out a public commitment to high quality healthcare with an emphasis on safety and a framework to achieve it. This included clear standards and best practice implementation, greater clinical governance towards quality assurance and improvement in supported local services, patient collaboration and safety improvements and greater collaborative working.

Copy of Chapter by Sir Liam entitled_ Clinical Governance: A Quality Concept from Clinical Governance in Primary Care _

Consists of copy of Sir Liam's chapter entitled Clinical Governance: A Quality Concept, in which he defines clinical governance, describes its origins, and emphasises the importance of organisational culture in the new primary care groups and trusts.

Chapter featured on pages 3 to 13. This book was the winner of the European Health Management Association's 2000 The Baxter Award and the winner of the BAMM Medical Management Book of the Year in 2000.

Copy of Chapter by Sir Liam entitled_ Quality in Healthcare: A Public Health Perspective from Progress in Public Health _

Consists of copy of Sir Liam's chapter, co-written with David Benton, entitled Quality in Healthcare: A Public Health Perspective, in which he discusses the need for intergrated strategies for quality improvement and impact from public health practioners being evaluated on overall population health.

Chapter featured on pages 227 to 250.

Letter to Sir Liam from Prime Minister Gordon Brown on his retirement from the role of Chief Medical Officer

The Prime Minister expresses his sadness at Sir Liam's decision to step down as Chief Medical Officer and pays tribute to his work on NHS Reform, quality of care, patient safety, personalised services, the smoking ban and organ donation. He also thanks him for remaining in post to help respond to the H1N1 Influenza Swine Flu epidemic.

Presentations delivered by Sir Liam on Health Protection against Infectious and Non-Infectious Diseases and the Medical Profession

Consists of 66 powerpoint presentations, including notes, used by Sir Liam during speeches and presentations given during his time as Chief Medical Officer regarding both general and specific types of Infectious and Non-Infectious Diseases and topics regarding the Medical Profession; specifically Medical education, training and workforce, roles in the medical profession and poor clinical performance, revalidation and regulation.

Also includes presentations given by others which support Sir Liam's campaigns.

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