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A Commitment to Quality, A Quest for Excellence: Statement on Behalf of the Government, the Medical Profession and the NHS

This report, led by Sir Liam as a statement on behalf of the Government, the medical profession and the NHS, set out a public commitment to high quality healthcare with an emphasis on safety and a framework to achieve it. This included clear standards and best practice implementation, greater clinical governance towards quality assurance and improvement in supported local services, patient collaboration and safety improvements and greater collaborative working.

A Conscious Decision: A Review of the Use of General Anaesthesia and Conscious Sedation in Primary Dental Care

This report by an expert group chaired by Sir Liam and the Chief Dental Officer for England, in response to the rise of dental treatments performed under general anaesthestetic during the 1990s, called for standards aimed at protecting patients to be more rigorously enforced and private dental practice to be properly regulated.

Set out recommendations which aimed to prevent unexpected deaths or non-fatal complications occurring outside hospital in circumstances which seemed to be avoidable.

Advancing Health: Examples of the Work of the Chief Medical Officer for England 1998-2010

This report contains a detailed overview of the health issues, campaigns and developments Sir Liam was involved in over the course of his 12 years in office, including those championed through his annual reports and special reports. It includes the background to these issues, Sir Liam's contribution to debate and reform and the advances these contributions contributed or directly led to.

Alcohol: Advice and Information for Children and Young People

Consultation example for discussion of a report intended for children and young people regarding their relationship with alcohol. Includes Sir Liam's draft guidance, myths and realities of underage drinking and further information and sources of advice.

Part of Governments Consultation on Children, Young People and Alcohol, which ran for 12 weeks seeking the views of young people, carers, parents and other interested parties and closed on 23 April 2009. Sir Liam's condensed draft guidance featured on page 6.

Alcohol and Young People

Includes Sir Liam's Special Report Guidance on the consumption of alcohol by children and young people and other material specifically related to alcohol and its effects on children and young people.

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