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Technical Operations Inc

In the 1960s the development of the Microdensitometer attracted the attention of an American company, Technical Operations Inc of Burlington Massachusetts. Technical Operations Inc carried out research in advanced optical and associated techniques for government customers in atomic energy, space and defence. Following the purchase of a number of Microdensitometers, Technical Operations Inc developed an attachment which would extend the capability of the Microdensitometer and enable it to carry out a process later named Isodensitometry. The isodensitometer attachment resulted in growing contact and technical cooperation between Joyce-Loebl and the Technical Operations company.

In 1967 Joyce-Loebl sold Technical Operations Inc a quarter of their equity. In 1969 Joyce-Loebl sold the rest of their shares to Technical Operations, although Herbert Loebl remained Chairman of the Board and Managing Director for a further 18 months. In 1972 the name of Joyce-Loebl & Company Ltd was changed to Technical Operations Ltd. In 1974 Herbert Loebl retired from the Technical Operations Board.


The Optica Veture 1957 – 1963

In 1957 Joyce-Loebl entered into a collaboration with Optica Milano SpA, a small optical instrument company based in Milan who had began to develop a Spectrophotometer for the ultra violet region.

In 1957 Joyce-Loebl signed a 50-50 agreement with Optica to establish a joint venture to produce the Spectrophotometers under licence and in the same year secured a 6,000 sq. ft factory for the venture at Team Valley, Gateshead. The venture continued until 1963 when the business was acquired by the laboratory supply house Baird and Tatlock.

Joyce-Loebl and Optica also established Optica France S.A. in 1958 with Joyce-Loebl holding a 49% share. Joyce-Loebl withdew from Optica France in 1963.

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