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2012 press reviews for Live Theatre

Articles and reviews from local and national newspapers, magazines and websites relating to funding cuts; playwrighting course; 'London'; Juice Festival; and the Live Theatre production of Chalet Lines; Wet House; A Walk on Part and an article by Max Roberts in The Stage about Newcastle Council's cut to its art budget (6 December 2012). Also includes an article by Lee Hall about music and folksong in Tyneside (The Independent, 6 July 2005). Also includes reviews for touring productions and other venues .

2013 press reviews for Live Theatre

Press cuttings and website print outs relating to Live Theatre including comedy acts; The Pitmen Painters; live music; The Collision of Things; Wet House; Cooking With Elvis; Brilliant Adventures; Mess; Mythsummer Sundae; The Pitmen Painters; Tyne; White Rabbit, Red Rabbit; 40 year celebrations

2014 press reviews for Live Theatre

Press cuttings and website print outs relating to Live Theatre relating to comedy, Julia Darling anniversary productions, 'Wet House'; 'Flying into Daylight'; and theatre in the North East

20th Century Collection

  • 20th C. Coll
  • Book Collection
  • 1900 - 1999

The 20th Century Collection, because it contains books which were published 1900-1999, is multi-disciplinary in its subject coverage. Literature is represented in the works of such authors as Siegfried Sassoon, T.S. Eliot, W.H. Auden, Jon Silkin and Robert Graves. There is local history, in the form of Jackson, G. The Boer War and the Liberal Party in Newcastle and Gateshead (1998); Willis, P. Capability Brown in Northumberland (1983) and Pawson, H.C. Cockle Park Farm: an account of the work of the Cockle Park Experimental Station from 1896-1956 (1960). Whilst there are some items relating to World War I, there is a significant amount of material relating to World War II - published 1939-1943, often by Penguin (or the Pelican imprint) in the iconic early paperback series. This material includes E.O. Lorimer's What Hitler Wants [1939] - a Penguin Special which achieved record-breaking sales, as well as F. Lafitte, The internment of aliens (1940) and Glover, E. The psychology of fear and courage (1940).

Newcastle University

20th Century Pamphlets

  • 20th C. Pam
  • Book Collection
  • 1900 - 1999

This is a collection of approximately 600 pamphlets and short publications on world affairs in the Twentieth Century. Many themes are covered, including politics, economics, civil liberty, democracy and religion, and many of the countries of the world feature. Examples of titles in the collection are Full employment in a free society; I was a Franco Soldier; The hydrogen bomb and you; What the Arab World really wants; The Basques and the Communists; British policy in the Far East; Two Sides in Germany: Which is yours?; Youth and Anti-Semitism; Haile Salassie: the Plea for Ethiopia; Japanese Naval expansion; Chinese Women and the War; and Banking in Soviet Russia. Many prominent figures are represented as authors, including Marx and Engels, Kropotkin and Liu Shao-Chi.

Newcastle University

21st Century Collection

  • 21st C. Coll.
  • Book Collection
  • 2000 - 2022

The 21st Century Collection is newly-established but, as it expands, will contain books on miscellaneous subjects from varied sources which were published 2000-2099. Currently, these books are likely to be issued by private presses, in limited print-runs, relate to other collections in Special Collections, have interesting or significant provenance, or be particularly valuable due to them being fine or extra-illustrated copies. One example is Bajac, Q. L'image révélée: l'invention de la photoggraphie (2001) which reproduces a Lerebours daguerreotype, Port Ripetta, à Rome, from our holdings on page 112.

Newcastle University

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