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Draft letter from Charles to Waller

Refusing to resign as MP for Elland, explaining his decision and describing his perceived duties as elected representative. Includes a quote from a speech by Edward Burke made to his constituents in Bristol in 1774

Letters to Charles relating to the establishment of the Union of Democratic Control (UDC)

Includes discussion of the manifesto, recommendations to keep the group private, letters accompanying contributions, reference to the publishing of The Morrow of the War pamphlet including refusals to print, Holland and Belgium's attitude to war, reprimands from Charles' constituents on his resignation and stance towards to the war, responses to UDC pamphlets, reference to conscription, printed proposals for the formation of a branch of the UDC at Bradford, a query as to whether the Union supports women's suffrage, the progression of the war and a draft letter in French with corrections by Mary.
Also includes a first draft of the organisation's objectives, newspaper cuttings and picture postcards of Stockholm, Oslo and St Petersburg.
Correspondents include James Viscount Bryce, Francis W Hirst, Reverend T Field, Arnold Stephenson Rowntree, Graham Wallas, V Paget [Violet?], Philip Morrell, Robin Price, Reverend V D Davis, C P Scott, J Ramsay MacDonald, Elizabeth Trevelyan, Philip J Baker, Lawrence Kay-Shuttleworth, Robert Calverley Trevelyan, Wilfred Lawson, Harry Barnes, Harold Stead, Viscount Knustford [Sydney George Holland], Thomas Edmund Harvey, Anna M Philips, P Barraclough, P Wilson Raffan, Edward N Whitley, Arthur Dewar, William Leach, Victor Horsley, Mary K Trevelyan, Arthur Ponsonby, M Philip Price, Romain Rolland, C K Cumming, Lord Loreburn, Norman Angell and Bertrand Russell.
Some letters are in French.
Copies of some of the publications referenced in this file are available in this collection at CPT/1/5/7.

Letters to Charles relating to the work of the Union of Democratic Control (UDC)

Includes discussion of the operations of the UDC, reference to UDC publications, seizure of pamphlets from the National Labour Press in Manchester, discussion of potential converts to their goals, draft letters to newspapers, reference to Arthur Ponsonby's position as MP for Stirling Burghs, discussion of a publication discussing Ramsay MacDonald's parentage, response to Charles' speeches, reference to Norman Angell's work in the United States of America, minutes of UDC executive committee meetings and discussion of the disruption of meetings in London due to threats.
Correspondents include Arthur Ponsonby, J Ramsay MacDonald, W C Anderson [William Crawford?], E D Morel, William Robertson, Walter Runciman, G G Whiskard, Francis Johnson, F Seymour Cocks, Josiah C Wedgwood, J E Hodgkin, Henri Lambert, Leonard Courtney, Norman Angell, Philip Snowden, W H Ewes, John Parkes, Priscilla Albright, Harrison Barrow, A Fenner Brockway, C R Buxton, J Bruce Glasier, Sir Edward Grey, Charles Mallett, F Merttens, M Philips Price, A Robinson, Sir John Simon and Ella Scarlett Synge.
Also includes draft letters from Charles and Morel relating to the seizure and embargo of UDC pamphlets, and a letter to M Philips Price from Caroline Trevelyan.

Letters to Charles relating to the work of the Union of Democratic Control (UDC)

Includes 22 letters from Arthur Ponsonby on UDC activities, minutes of meetings of the UDC executive committee, relations between the UDC and the Independent Labour Party, government debates, the seizure of UDC pamphlets and reference to the potential involvement of America in the War.
Correspondents include Arthur Ponsonby, Philip Snowden, Frank Lascelles, E D Morel, Francis Johnson, Harry Davies, Priscilla Albright, C R Buxton, F C Hills, H B Lees-Smith and M P Willcocks.
Also includes a contemporary, enlarged photocopy of a postcard send to Morel by George Bernard Shaw with reference to the UDC (location of original unknown).

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