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Audio recording of Sir Liam's appearance on BBC Radio 4 programme Start the Week

Conisists of 30 minute panel discussion programme presented by Andrew Marr, featuring Sir Liam, novelist William Boyd, broadcaster John Micklethwait, and journalist Polly Toynbee. Each offers predictions for the coming years; Sir Liam's being the inevitably of another influenza pandemic. Discusses historical trends, the need for good planning to mitigate harm, public and political reactions to pandemics, and what the UK is doing to prepare.

Other health issues discussed include stem cell research, Sir Liam's perception of the strengths and weaknesses of the NHS and reforms during his time as Chief Medical Officer, and the 'Nanny State' in relation to healthy lifestyles.

Audio recording of Sir Liam's appearance on part 4 of BBC Radio 4 documentary Building a Healthier Britain

Analysis of the effects of social status on health and mortality, epidemiological research indicating the contributing factors to these disparities and how they can be challenged. Includes a look at Sir Michael Marmot's Whitehall I and II studies; linking civil servants job grades to stress and subsequent ill health.

Sir Liam emphasises the need for cross-government policies and working to reduce health inequalities, including improving employment, education opportunities and environmental factors both centrally and locally.

Running time 27:47. Sir Liam's appearances at 15:39 - 17:40 and 26:40 - 27:13.

Audio Recording of Sir Liam's Appearances on the BBC Radio 4 Documentaries The Expert Patient

Consists of analysis in two parts into the NHS Expert Patient Programme (EPP). Part one examines what the programme entails and how it has developed. Part two considers whether it has been successful and the response from health professionals. Both include contributions from patients and health care professionals.

Sir Liam appears in part one, in which he considers the radical nature of the scheme, recalls how a consultant's comment as a medical student caused him to develop the work done internationally and how it could benefit both patients and the health service.

Part one running time 30:26; part two running time 27:46.

Audio Recording of the British Association of Medical Manager's songSeize the Day

Original song written and recorded by delegates at the British Association of Medical Manager's (BAMM) 2003 Fit to Lead Conference. Intended as an exercise in what can be achieved with creativity, teamwork and determination from doctors in senior leadership positions in the NHS. Features Sir Liam on tambourine and hand-claps.

Running time 05:35.

Bearing Good Witness: Proposals for Reforming the Delivery of Medical Expert Evidence in Family Law Cases

This report was a consultation paper aimed at healthcare professionals and commissioned in response to high profile cases calling into question the quality of expert medical witnesses. It identified key problems within the existing system and made proposals for reform. These aimed to provide a well organised system ensuring a supply of suitably trained and governed expert witnesses.

Book of farewell messages on Sir Liam's retirement as Chief Medical Officer

Consists of bound volume presented to Sir Liam with personal messages from friends, colleagues, politicians and fellow medical and managerial professionals expressing gratitude for his work as Chief Medical Officer, praising specific aspects of his work and wishing him good luck for the future.

Includes messages from;

Dame Sally Davies (16th Chief Medical Officer for England);

Sue Hill (Chief Scientific Officer for England);

Lord Nigel Crisp;

Sir John Pattison;

Alan Johnson;

Ian Langlands;

Sir Ian Carruthers;

Sir David Nicholson (Chief Executive of the National Health Service);

Professor John Beddington (Chief Scientific Advisor to HM Government);

Baroness Julia Cumberlege;

Barry Cockcroft (Chief Dental Officer for England);

Sir Donald Irvine;

And Sir Ian Kennedy.

Book of records relating to the Annual Joint Meetings of the Commonwealth Fund and the Nuffield Trust

Consists of bound volume of participants, summary reports, presentations, and photographs relating to the joint annual meetings of the Commonwealth Fund and the Nuffield Trust on Quality of Health Care, also called the Pennyhill Park Meetings.

This volume was created for Sir Liam and presented to him at the 11th Meeting on the 16 to 19 Jul 2010, which he attended as Chair of the National Patient Safety Agency, as a tribute and in recognition of his contribution. Includes a covering letter and a written tribute from Donald M. Bewick MD, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

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