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Articles entitled What's New in the British NHS? , from Health Affairs Journal , Volume 21, Number 3, May/June 2002

Consists of two articles and an interview with Alan Milburn, Health Secretary, on changes made by Labour under Sir Liam's guidance to the National Health Service. Includes;

Article by Peter C. Smith entitled Performance Management in British Health Care: Will It Deliver, in which he discusses how the United Kingdom struggles to integrate performance management with a system of clinical networks;

Article by Julia Le Grand entitled Further Tales from the British National Health Service, in which she discusses NHS reforms;

And an interview with Alan Milburn entitled A Time for Change in the British NHS

Articles and interview featured on pages 103 to 135.

Assuring the Quality of Medical Practice: Implementing Supporting Doctors, Protecting Patients

This report presents progress on the implementation of the proposals set out in the 1999 consultation document Supporting Doctors, Protecting Patients , which outlined a new approach for dealing with and preventing poor clinical performance.

It demonstrates how some of the original proposals changed in the light of responses received and announces the establishment of the National Clinical Assessment Authority to help NHS employers identify and resolve problems quickly through performance assessment and support services.

At Least Five a Week: Evidence on the Impact of Physical Activity and its Relationship to Health

This report, aimed at the NHS, specifically Public Health and Primary Care Trusts and those concerned with formulating policies and programmes, contains evidence linking physical activity with health and analysing the optimum level of activity that people should achieve. It calls for a change in attitudes towards active lifestyles, and suggests a target for exercise as 30 minutes of moderate-intensity training at least five times a week.

Attitudes to Medical Regulation and Revalidation of Doctors: Research Among Doctors and the General Public

Research study commissioned by Sir Liam and the Department of Health and prepared by MORI, social research institute, to inform the Advisory Group into Medical Regulation. Consists of summary of findings into qualitative and quantitative research among the general public and doctors (General Practioners), asking questions concerning medical regulation and revalidation.

Findings discussed at the 6th Advisory Group Meeting held on 22 September 2005, the Sub-Group Meeting held on 17 August 2005 and an additional commissioned survey from MORI of hospital doctors using similar criteria at the 9th Advisory Group Meeting held on 20 December 2005.

Audio recording of Sir Liam's Appearance on BBC Radio 2 programme The Jeremy Vine Show

Consists of 30 minute excerpt from discussion programme covering Sir Liam's call in his Annual Report 2006 for an opt out system to maximise the potential for organ donation. Features comment from Sir Liam on why it is needed and case studies from other countries, Conservative Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Langsley and members of the public both backing and opposing the proposals.

Audio recording of Sir Liam's appearance on BBC Radio 4 documentary Cleveland Twenty Years On

Analysis of the Cleveland Child Abuse Scandal, where between February and July 1987 121 children in Cleveland were diagnosed by Dr Marietta Higgs and Dr Geoffrey Wyatt as having been sexually abused and taken into care. Gives a narrative account of what led to the high profile crisis and it's impact on professional, media and public attitudes to child abuse and chld-protection, including interviews with some of the key people involved.

Sir Liam, who was the Regional Medical Officer to the Northern Regional Health Authority (including Cleveland) during the period, discusses the reaction of the medical profession, his meeting with Dr Higgs and Dr Wyatt, the unreliability of their diagnoses and how these events both prepared him for dealing with controversial issues as Chief Medical Officer for England and what he may have done differently.

Running time 27:32. Sir Liam's appearances at 13:55 - 14:48, 16:10 - 17:05 and 25:39 - 27:03.

Audio Recording of Sir Liam's Appearance on BBC Radio 4 Documentary Could Shipman Happen Again?

Analysis presented by Ann Alexander, a former solicitor who represented the families of a number of Dr Harold Shipman's victims, into the existing potential for health care professionals to harm patients and how the system has changed since the General Practioner's murder convictions in January 2000.

Sir Liam discusses the reaction of the medical profession to his special report Good Doctors, Safer Patients , and how he viewed the need for changes to medical regulation and revalidation within the entire spectrum of patient safety. Also includes comment from Labour MP Alan Milburn, former Secretary of State for Health (1999 - 2003).

Running time 31:30. Sir Liam's appearance 00:17:20 - 00:18:07.

Audio recording of Sir Liam's appearance on BBC Radio 4 documentary Scarily Good Health

Analysis of health-scares propogated by the health care industry into people's lifestyle and eating habits, whether they have any basis to them and whether this detracts from more prevelant health issues, such as communicable diseases.

Sir Liam gives his expert medical opinion, arguing that while information overload does feed the public undertanding of risk, politicians and health professionals need to be more open where uncertainty exists. He also warns that some of the polluting effects of global warming have had a negative impact on the spread of communicable diseases.

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