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Author's Proof

Consists of a page proof that has been annotated by John Agard in black ink. There are changes and new versions added using printouts.

Correspondence and images

Consists of correspondence between Neil Astley and John Agard with Kitamura regarding the cover of 'From the Devil's Pulpit', a letter regarding the sectioning of 'Weblines' as well as Neil Astley's correspondence with Deborah Hunter (of Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art) regarding a request for a photograph of 'The Temptation of St Anthony'. Also includes a photocopy of 'Plate 9 of The Temptation of Saint Anthony' with annotations and a black and white photo of the same with a note regarding the usage of the photo.

Correspondence and photocopies

Consists of a photocopy of both the book cover and dedication page for 'Man To Pan' (1982) and 'Limbo Dancer in Dark Glasses' (1983). Also includes correspondence between Bloodaxe and Kitamura, requesting a copy of 'From the Devil's Pulpit'.

Editorial correspondence and mock up

Consists of editorial correspondence between John Agard and Neil Astley as well as a photocopy of illustrations by Satoshi Kitamura. Also includes a mock-up of the jacket cover for 'From the Devil's Pulpit' with annotations and highlights.

Correspondence and photocopies

Consists of correspondence between the National Galleries of Scotland and Neil Astley regarding permission to use the Redon etching and correspondence between Neil Astley and John Agard. Also includes a reproduction application form and regulations governing the usage of the image, as well as two clean photocopies of both the mock-up jacket cover for the collection and the Redon etching.


Consists of a fax of a review of 'We Animals Would Like A World With You' with an attached message regarding the facts within the article as well as correspondence between Neil Astley and Caroline Sheldon regarding the contract for 'From the Devil's Pulpit'. Also includes an advertisement for 'From the Devil's Pulpit' and a list of John Agard's work.

Correspondence and photocopies

Consists of a print out of the title page, synopsis and overview of John Agard's life and portfolio for 'From the Devil's Pulpit', a letter from Caroline Sheldon regarding the final signed contract for the collection and a manuscript letter from Agard to Astley regarding the layout of the poetry collection and the changes to be made. Also includes photocopies of the illustrations by Kitamura, with annotations.


Consists of photocopies of a typescript, these are split into four sections and stapled. Each section has a title page. The first title page indicates that the title and the publication would originally have been "Come Down Nansi".

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