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Article by Sir Liam entitled Inequalities Must Be Addressed , from Health Service Journal , November 2006

Consists of cutting of introductory article by Sir Liam on the need to address regional and social health inequalities in England. Discusses his experiences in northern England, as previously discussed in his 2001 Annual Report, the action plans put in place by the Department of Health to prioritise these inequalities through the NHS and other sectors and the need for tangible solutions.

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Article by Sir Liam entitled Life Changing: Child Abuse , from British Medical Journal , Vol. 339, No. 7735

Consists of article by Sir Liam as part of a series on the moment or decision which has had the greatest impact on doctor's careers. Discusses the Cleveland Child abuse crisis which Sir Liam had to handle in his role as Regional Medical Officer for the Northern Regional Health Authority in 1987, where 121 children in Cleveland were diagnosed by Dr Marietta Higgs and Dr Geoffrey Wyatt as having been sexually abused and taken into care. Includes background to the crisis, Sir Liam's personal involvement and the skills and lessons he learnt from the experience, particulalry for his role as Chief Medical Officer.

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Article by Sir Liam entitled Performing a Truly National Health Service , from_ Whitehall and Westminster World _Newspaper

Consists of article by Sir Liam in which he discusses his role as Chief Medical Officer, the dangers of infectious and sexually transmitted diseases as well as smoking and obesity, health inequalities, and how strengthening the public health function and NHS reform can help achieve change. Makes reference to the White Paper Choosing Health: Making Healthy Choices Easier, published later this year on 16 November 2004.

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Article by Sir Liam from Lessons for the Future from the Past: A Look at the Role of Regions in the NHS

Consists of report of the Senior Administrative Medical Officer's Conference 1996. Includes an article by Sir Liam on Regional Offices - 1996 Onwards, where he discusses public health adding value both at a regional and central level.

Other contributors include the then Chief Medical Officer Sir Kenneth Calman and former Chief Medical Officers Sir Donald Acheson and Sir George Godber.

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Article by Sir Liam on his time at University from_ The Times _newspaper

Consists of copy of article by Sir Liam as part of a series entitled One of the Best, but Remember the Rest, in which public figures who did not go to Oxford or Cambridge University recount their experiences and how this informed who they became. Sir Liam discusses his time at Bristol, Birmingham and Leicester University.

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