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Vauxhall Cross

Model showing 5 sections of the of the MI6 building made from foamboard, on top of balsa wood. Encased in clear acrylic box casing, screwed into the wooden block. Wooden base.
The model is based on a wooden platform showing developmental phases of MI6 in 5 progressive models. Starting from left 1st model is showing the outer part of the building including base of pillars, pillars and part of building structure use to create a glass architecture on top of it. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th model showing internal developmental phases of the building. The 5th model showing complete structure of the MI6.

Founders Place

Large wooden model of Founders Place, London, showing shape of buildings and road layout.
The model is showing the landscape of the founders place which is divided into two section by a river and partly connected with a transport bridge. One section of the model is showing the plan of the city including residential area, commercial area with towers, complexes and area of a railway station with multiple tracks leading to it. The station has partly dome and Dutch gable roof style. The other part is comparatively smaller in size showing historic buildings.

Bank One Cardiff

Model consists of multiple building structures and immediate river and bridge landscape context, mostly comprising white plastic. The model is encased in a clear, acrylic box.
The model showing modern architecture of the building. The building is envelope in glass structure and the model is created with acrylic material.

Lots Road Concept Model

Wooden concept model for a tower on Lots Road, London, showing some external building detailing with cut away internal sections. Encased in clear acrylic box.

National Galleries of Scotland

Balsa wood model of the Scottish National Galleries, including the Dean Centre, featuring the 2 buildings and sections of the surrounding park areas and roads. Encased in clear acrylic casing box, with electrical capability.
The model showing Neo-classical buildings based of wooden platform. The model is created in wood. The gallery is connected to the main road with stairs. The elevations on surrounding of the building has been developed as garden spaces with pathways. There is an underneath tunnel passing through the gallery which is connecting east and west side of the building. A bridge has been created under the elevation to pass the river.

The Peak

A small retail model of the Peak, Hong Kong, constructed in white foam board and encased in an acrylic box.

The Peak

Small glass model of The Peak in Hong Kong, housed in a pink/red box with detachable lid, lined with a yellow satin(?) fabric.
A model made up of glass showing details like staircases and windows. The model is showing Chinese script including English translation of 'The Peak Tower Grand Opening, May 28, 1997' engraved on it.

Battersea Power Station Concept Model

The model is based on a acrylic sheet showing turbine halls in rectangular with semi-circular shaped roof on it. The model is made up of wood. The model has 4 chimneys on all four corners of the structure, providing an evidence of the building were used as a power house for the production of electricity. The model is encased with clear acrylic casing, fixed with screw.

South Kensington House

Model of a proposed building in South Kensington, London made from balsa wood, demonstrtaing external elevations and cut away sections. Encased in clear acrylic box.
The wooden based model showing the structure of the building which consists floors depicting well lit flats with large carpet area and spacious balconies. A railway platform at backside of the building depicted on the ground level with railway tracks and a wagon on it. The model is encased with clear acrylic casing fixed in wooden platform.

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