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Wine gobblet

Print taken from Joseph Crawhall II's woodblock depicting wine gobblet, as used in his published works 'Impresses Quaint' and 'A Beuk O' Newcassel Sangs.'

Widow receiving letters

Consists of a watercolour sketch of a widow receiving letters. Caption reads: Widow - "Oh! Dear me - more 'turney letters - if poor John hadn't a made a will there wouldn't ha'e been all this bother about property - I really a'most wish poor John hadn't been dead - such a bother."

Widow comforted by woman

Consists of a watercolour sketch of a widow being comforted by another woman. Caption reads: 'Consolatory' Widow - "Aye! Poor Tom died too soon for the lamb - but we had a beautiful piece o' beef for the funeral."

Watercolours of woodcock

Consists of three watercolour illustrations of a woodcock at Sunnyside, Wolsingham. Includes an illustration of the bird stationary in natural surroundings, the bird in flight, and the bird dead.

Watercolour Sketches

Consists of 81 watercolour sketches produced by Joseph Crawhall II. The sketches are predominatly comic in tone, and are often accompanied by a witty annotation.

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