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Presentations delivered by Sir Liam on the National Health Service, other Healthcare Services and Patient Safety

Consists of 46 powerpoint presentations, including notes, used by Sir Liam during speeches and presentations given during his time as Chief Medical Officer regarding National Health Service and other Healthcare Service topics, specifically regarding quality and clinical governance, and Patient Safety.

Video Podcast of On the State of the Public Health: Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer 2006

Podcasts produced in conjunction with the publication of Sir Liam's 2006 Annual Report. Consists of 6 episodes covering chapters within the annual report.

Episode 1: On the State of the Public Health (introduction) 02:45

Episode 2: Healthcare Associated Infection; Strengthening the Public Hand 02:12

Episode 3: Organ Transplants - The Waiting Game 02:21

Episode 4: Radiotherapy; Hidden Dangers 02:14

Episode 5: Intrapartum related deaths; 500 missed opportunities 02:14

Episode 6: Women in Medicine; Opportunity Blocks 02:09

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