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Employment with English Electric Company

From 1957 until 1964 Professor Randell was employed in the Atomic Power Division of the English Electric Company Ltd, Whetstone, Leicester, including working on compilers for the ALGOL 60 language. For records relating to occasional consultancy to International Computers Limited (ICL), a successor to English Electric Computers, see BR/16

Financial agreements, jobs etc.

Agreements for planning consultancy jobs in Oxford, Todmorden, Taunton, Kensington, Kings Lynn, New Sarum, Chichester, St. Andrews, Minehead, Hemel Hempstead, Stockport, West Hartlepool.

Sharp, Thomas, 1901 - 1978, town planner

Failed jobs.

Correspondence re. unsuccessful consultancy appointments.

Sharp, Thomas, 1901 - 1978, town planner

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