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Town and countryside.

Notebook of Press cutting with the different reviews published of this book:

Passages from reviews and notices of the book: "Town and Countryside" and "The Future Development of South-West Lancashire"

Oxford University Press publicity leaflet for the book: Town and Countryside.

News Chronicle review, dated 18.11.32

The Observer review, dated 18.12.32.

Weekend review by John Dower, dated 10.12.32.

Times Literacy Supplement review, dated 15.12.32.

Morning Post review, 30.11.32.

The Times review, 16.12.32

Estate gazette review, 24.12.32.

The Star (London), dated 29.12.32.

Great Thoughts review, March 1933.

Leletworth Citizen, dated 30. 12. 32.

Country Life review, 31.12.32.

Broadcast, 2.1.33.

The Listener, 11.01.33.

CPRE. Journal, Dec. 1932.

Commons and Footpaths Society, January 1933.

The New English Weekly review, 12.01.33.

Welwyn Times, 05.01.33.

Southport Visitor, 18.02.33.

Manchester Evening Chronicle, 16.01.33.

National Trust Bulletin, Feb. 1933.

Dundee Evening Telegraph, 18.02.33.

Sunday Times, 12.02.33.

Town Planning Institute Journal, Dec.'32 and Feb.'33

Town and Country Planning Journal, Feb.'33.

Journal of Institution of A. and Country Engineers, 14.02.33.

RIBA Journal, 11.02.33.

Western Marl, 2.2.33.

Manchester Guardian, 6.3.33.

Architect and B. News, 19.02.33.

Middlesex Advertiser, Country Gazette, 10.07.36.

The New Statesman, 11.03.33.

Architects' Journal, 1933-1934

Land Agents Record, May 13.05.33.

Town Planning Review, May 1933.

The Nation (American), March 15, 33.

Sharp, Thomas, 1901 - 1978, town planner

Correspondence, 1930-1937.

Correspondence, 1930-1937: 1. General correspondence re. Southport. Lancashire and regional report. 2. Correspondence: Britain and the beast. 3. Correspondence: A derelict area.

Sharp, Thomas, 1901 - 1978, town planner

Town and Countryside

File of material, letters, agreements and royalty statements on the publication, including letters between Clough Williams Ellis and his review of Sharp's book

Oxford Replanned.

Correspondence concerning the publication. Correspondence relating to the appointment as Oxford planning consultant with instructions to prepare a report and book on the planning and development of Oxford.

Sharp, Thomas, 1901 - 1978, town planner

Crawley New Town.

Correspondence, reports, plan, etc. concerning Sharp's planning consultancy at Crawley New Town.

Sharp, Thomas, 1901 - 1978, town planner

Oxford Gas Works.

Correspondence re. moving of gas works and the subsequent inquiry.

Sharp, Thomas, 1901 - 1978, town planner

Notebook with Press cutting: Exeter, Chichester, King’s Lynn, Kielder and Comb.

Notebook with Press cutting: Exeter, Chichester, King’s Lynn, Kielder and Comb.


Exeter Phoenix publicity leaflet, 1945.

Express and Echo, 16.5.45.

Express and Echo, 28.12.45.

Express and Echo, 29.12.45.

Western Morning News, 29.12.45.

Western Morning News, 31.12.45.

Express and Echo, 31.12.45.

Express and Echo, 1.1.46.

Western Morning News, 1.1.46.

The Manchester Guardian, 2.1.46.

Express and Echo, 2.1.46.

Western Morning News, 2.1.46.

Express and Echo, 3.1.46.

Western Morning News, 3.1.46.

Express and Echo, 4.1.46.

Western Morning News, 4.1.46.

Devon and Exeter Gazette, 4.1.46.

Western Times, 4.1.46.

Western Morning News, 5.1.46.

Municipal Journal, 4.1.46.

The Builder, 4.1.46.

Express and Echo, 9.1.46.

Devon and Exeter Gazatte, 11.1.46.

Express and Echo, 11.1.46.

Bookseller, 21.2.46.

Scotsman, 25.2.46.

North Devon Journal and Herald, 28.2.46.

Wells Journal, 1.3.46.

Western Morning, 24.2.46.

The Builder, 1.3.46.

The Suveyor, 1.3.46.

Exmouth Journal, 2.3.46.

Daily telegraph, 2.3.46.

Sidmouth Observer, 6.3.46.

Bath chronicle and Herald, 6.3.46.

Sunderland Echo, 6.3.46.

Northern Echo, 6.3.46.

Daily Sketch, 7.3.46.

The Architect's Journal, 7.3.46.

Western Morning News, 12.3.46.

The Architect's Journal, 14.3.46.

Bristol observed, 16.3.46.

National Newsagent, 16.3.46.

Sphere, 16.3.46.

Oxford mail, 4.4.46.

The Architect and Building News, 5.4.46.

Express and Echo, 11.4.46.

New Statesman and Nation, 20.4.46.

Architectural Review, April 1946.

The Oxford Magazine, 9.5.46.

The Times, 4.5.46.

The Listener, 30.5.46.

Local Government and officials' Gazette, June 1946.

Geographical Journal, 1947.

Express and Echo, 24.9.47.

Express and Echo, 18.6.48.

Time and Tide, 10.7.48.

Municipal Journal, 11.3.49.

Architect's Journal, 10.11.49.

Express and Echo, 11.5.63

Town Planning Review, 1946.


Chichester Observer, 9.10.48.

West Sussex Gazette, 6.1.49.

Chichester Observer, 9.10.49.

West Sussex Gazette, 17.3.49.

The Times, 18.3.49.

Sussex Daily News, 18.3.49.

News Chronicle, 18.3.49.

Chichester Observer, 19.3.49.

Sussex Daily News, 19.3.49.

Manchester Journal, 23.3.49.

Architect's Journal, 24.3.49.

The Builder, 25.3.49.

The Times, 25.3.49.

Architectural Review, April 1949.

Chichester Quaterly, march 1949.

Chichester Observer, 26.3.49.

The Sphere, 9.4.49.

Oxford Times, 1.4.49.

Country Life, 1.4.49.

Architect and Building News, 15.4.49.

The Listener, June 1949.

Town Planning Institute Journal, June 1949.

Town Planning Review, July, 1949.

Official Architect, May 1949.

King's Lynn:

The Times, 22.12.48.

Country Life, 7.1.49.

World's Fair, 8.1.49.

Lynn News and Advertiser, 11.3.49.

The Architect's Journal, 30.12.48

Forestry Villages:

The Architect's Journal, 28.4.49.

Newcastle Journal, 20.7.54.

Sharp, Thomas, 1901 - 1978, town planner

Clarendon Hotel, Oxford.

Report by Oxford City Council on Woolworths’ proposal to demolish the Clarendon Hotel and erect a new store on site. Report by the Minister of Housing and Local Government allowing Woolworths’ appeal against the council.

Sharp, Thomas, 1901 - 1978, town planner


Consists of letters received or sent by Sir Lawrence in the years 1912 - 1945, largely concerning his time and duties with the Royal Air Force during World War I and World War II.

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