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Trevelyan, Sir Charles Philips, 1870-1958, 3rd Baronet, politician File
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Scrapbook of autographs.

Also loose signatures and cuttings mounted on modern paper,with annotations
Includes passport of George Otto Trevelyan and a photograph of a childhood letter by Thomas Babington Macaulay.
Includes content attributed to Prince Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, John Bright, William Gladstone, Derby, Northington, W E Forster, Chamberlain, Sir Charles Dilke, Leonard Courtney, A J Mundella, Lord Granville, Spencer, [R A King?], J G Greenwood, Henry James, W Harcourt, [W P Adam?], [James?] Healy, Chas. S Parnell, G Wolseley, Lord Alcester, [?] Roberts, Lord Manchester, A P Stanley, [?] Vaughan, Robert Spence Watson, A H D Acland, A F Whyte, Rosebury, [John Buxton?], J A Froude, Robert Browning, Thomas Hughes, Matthew Arnold, J R Lowell, [Houghton?], Sir William Scott, [W Roscoe?], Anne Thackeray, Knutsford, Beatrice Webb, Robert Southey, Augustus Hare, David Brewster, H Davy, Rosse, Basil Wilburforce, Henry Jackson, Macdermott, Arthur W Peel, Thomas Sexton, Ishbel Aberdeen, E Marjoribanks, [Richard?] Cobden, Henry Broadhurst, Disraeli, J Stuart, Harcourt, E J C Morton, Robert Gladstone, Herschell, George Rupell, R C Lehmann, [John Master?], [S Walden?], Lord Byron, [D Hammell], John Burns, [William Micks], John William Preston, W E Gladstone, Michael Davitt, Sydney Buxton, T W Burt, 2nd Baron Houghton, Edward Blythe, John Farmer

Correspondence between GOT and Arthur Hibbert about the financing of parties for elections.

Draft letter to Arthur Hibbert regarding donations to political parties by North Western Railway (referring to an article in the Economist, n. 65, 02/03/1907: 369) a typewritten copy of the same letter. Hibbert's reply of polite disagreement and a letter from CPT to GOT about potential legal actions that North western Railway stakeholders can take.
With reference to London County Council elections for 1907 and the London & North West Railway Stock.