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Chaplin (Sid) Archive Cornish, Norman Stansfield, 1919 - 2014, Painter File
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Annotated typescripts

Annotations consist of changes and corrections in blue and black ink and pencil. Includes typescript contents page Annotated typescripts of short story The Dickie Pit, published in Coal Quarterly, Vol 1. Spring 1962. Numbered 26 Short story The Busted Empire Annotated typescripts of short story The City and Shrine of St Cuthbert. This was originally published in The Lakes to Tyneside , 1951. Numbered 6. Annotated typescripts of Christmas at the Coal. Published in Coal Quarterly Winter 1962. Numbered 7. Annotated typescript of The Big Meeting Annotated typescript carbon copy of Walking the Bounds. Numbered 3. Annotated galley proof of Makers of Paradise. Annotated and published copies of Coal is the Story. Numbered 21. Newspaper cutting of article Light in the Pit. From The Guardian, 5 Jan 1962 Annotated typescript of A Theatre for the Tyne. Numbered 4 Newspaper cutting of article The Power of the Word. Numbered 5. Newspaper cutting of article What's gone wrong with letters. Re-titled "Man of Letters" in pencil. Numbered 8. Newspaper cutting of article No End to Joe. From the Guardian 25 Mar 1967.Numbered 9 Photocopy of newspaper cutting of article The Ring of Burnished Steel. From The Guardian. Numbered 10 Annotated newspaper cutting of article from Column 9, Thumb print of a Master. Includes photograph of Sid Chaplin. Numbered 11. Newspaper cutting of article from Column 9 ,An Office on the Side. With photograph of Sid Chaplin. Newspaper cutting of article A river and its crossing. Numbered 13. Annotated typescript of radio transcript In love with a City. Produced by Kay Fuller Newspaper cutting of To be a Pilgrim.From the Guardian, 14 Nov 1960. Numbered 14. Annotated typescript of Passage to Northumbria. From the Guardian 1969. Numbered 15. Newspaper cutting of A wry smile from Tyneside - A farewell to Jack Common. From the Sunday Times, May 1968. Numbered 16. Annotated typescript of Jack Elliot of Birtley. Numbered 17. Newspaper cutting of The narrow world of Norman Cornish. From The Guardian, 24 May 1960. With reproduction of The Pit Road painting and a sketch by Norman Cornish. Numbered 18. Published copy of Letter from the Distant North. From the Penguin New Writing Series. Numbered 20. Published copy of The Swimmers. From Seven. Numbered 19. Newspaper cutting of article Dying in the shafts. From The Guardian, Mar 1966. Numbered 22. Newspaper cutting of article Time to Start on Boot Alley! From the Guardian personal column. Numbered 24. Newspaper cutting of article Bet you anything. From the Guardian 18 May 1963. Numbered 25. Annotated typescript of The Passing of the Cap. Printed in the Bedside Guardian. Numbered 27. and a newspaper cutting of article The Smell of Sunday Dinner. From the Guardian 15 Oct 1960, Numbered 28.