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Vauxhall Cross

Model made from balsa wood with clear plastic detailing of the MI6 building on Vauxhall Cross. Also shows surrounding structures, roads and bridge made from wood. Model sits on top of a wooden base with 4 x black plastic feet. Encased in detachable clear acrylic box casing.

Vauxhall Cross

Model showing 5 sections of the of the MI6 building made from foamboard, on top of balsa wood. Encased in clear acrylic box casing, screwed into the wooden block. Wooden base.

Tower Hill

Large wooden model of Tower Hill and the surrounding area, including water, roads and buildings. Encased in a clear acrylic casing box which is screwed into the model’s wooden base.

Three Quays

Concept model of proposed Three Quays building. Main building made from balsa wood and thin clear Perspex for windows, model focuses on cladding features. Includes additional structures and adjacent bridge feature. Model sits on a wooden based in acrylic box casing.

The Peak

A glass snow globe of Shanghai Tang which includes The Peak. Globe sides on a dark wooden base. Snow globe is wind up and has the potential to play music.

The Peak

Small glass model of The Peak in Hong Kong, housed in a pink/red box with detachable lid, lined with a yellow satin(?) fabric.

The Peak

A small retail model of the Peak, Hong Kong, constructed in white foam board and encased in an acrylic box.

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