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Trevelyan (Charles Philips) Archive File
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Annotated copies of Hansard

Volume 86 - number 94 (11 October 1916) Volume 93 - number 59 (16 May 1917) (three copies) Volume 94 - number 69 (8 June 1917) Volume 100 - number 164 (19 December 1917) Volume 244 - number 8 (6 November 1930)

All copies have pencil corrections to the text in Charles' hand.

Comic pamphlets, notes and other writings by Charles

Includes copies of a pamphlet entitled Simple Sequels to Serious Scenes which gives comic outcomes to events in history, a transcript of a radio programme on David Lloyd George in which Charles took part, a statement on Charles' religious beliefs with particular reference to the afterlife, an obituary for Edward Keith (head gardener at Wallington), and a selection of poems, songs and other writings including some written for his children, and a poem on tourism in Russia.

Copies of letters from George during his 'Eastern Tour'

Typescript copies of letters to Charles and Mary describing George's travels.
Includes letters from Cairo, Jerusalem, Jericho, Haifa, Beyrout, Ba'albek, Damascus, Baghdad, Mosul, Iraq, Bombay, Delhi, Kanpur, Lucknow, Varanasi, Kolkatta, Rohtas and Darjeeling.
Includes visits with Gertrude Bell and the Richmond family.

Copies of speeches

Typescript transcripts of speeches about Sir Walter Riddell and E Frank Wise.
A file of documents relating to the death of Frank Wise is available in this collection at CPT/1/8/12.

Correspondence and ephemera relating to the 1918 general election in Elland

Printed handbills and other ephemera from Charles' unsuccesful campaign to become Independent Labour Party Member of Parliament for Elland, with letters relating to Charles' position.
Correspondents include Will Arnold-Forster, John Bell, Lady Kate Courtney, T H Garside, E H Haywood, Edward Keith, Mina Longbourne, W C Percival, Arthur Ponsonby and Caroline Trevelyan.
Also includes a letter to Mary from Charles enclosing Charles' 'first election address', written as a child (circa 1880).

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